Welcome to the National Geopark GrenzWelten! We invite you to discover the geological, historical and cultural development at the eastern edge of the Rothaargebirge for yourself. Come with us on a time travel through the history of the earth and make the past come alive... with us in the Geopark GrenzWelten!

The Geopark at a glance

  • Ten Geopark regions cover 3,700km² and unite 400 million years of earth history from the Rhenish Slate Mountains in the west to the Hessian Depression in the east.
  • You decide how far back in time the journey goes: the Geopark presents different stages of the development of the natural and cultural landscape.
  • Under the slogan "GrenzWelten", the Geopark contributes to a conscious understanding of the connections between geology and landscape, between man and nature.

Fascination under the earth's surface

They have left exciting traces from the past: the miners and smelters who shaped industry in the GrenzWelten Geopark as early as the early Middle Ages. Even today, the traces of this influence are visible and can even be experienced. Visitor mines give an impression of the arduous work underground.

The all-round package for all nature lovers


Paleontology deals with the science of living creatures and life in the geological past from an age of 10,000 years before today. The focus is on fossils, which provide evidence of a world long gone.

In the Geopark

Natural and cultural landscape, geology and earth history, archaeology and cultural history - museums and exhibitions inform you about the Geopark GrenzWelten. Within the Geopark backdrop, more than 25 museum facilities offer you insights into worlds long gone!

Facts and figures

Excursion destinations and places of learning
3.700 km²
Area scenery full of highlights
400 million years
Earth and land history